Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

The study will be focused on the metropolitan area of Abidjan, regions of Gbêkê (Bouaké), Poro (Korhogo) and Haut Sassandra (Daloa), also areas selected that represent the different agro ecological and cultural zones in Ivory Coast and should capture the differences in access and consumption of fuels and cooking devices across the country


The study will provide descriptions of fuel and cooking device supply chains including sourcing of raw materials.

An overall market assessment will demonstrate what kind of fuels and devices are sold in Ivory Coast and offer an overview of fuel/ stove prices and end user economics such as consumer stove purchasing habits and fuel sourcing at regional and local levels.

Ivory Coast improved cookstoves

Our intervention, services provided

Baseline Assessment

An initial assessment of the baseline conditions will provide an overview of the market, cooking devices, prices, fuel mix used, habits and needs and standards

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Research & Advocacy

To improve the whole value chain of stoves and introduce better devices to the cookstove market, the study will define the major areas in need of improvement. Experts will propose solutions for involving decision makers in the development of the sector

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- West Africa Clean Cooking Alliance (WACCA)

- Care International

Ivory Coast has a great variety of dishes; Attiéké, Foufou, alloco, stews that are cooked in peanut oil, boiled in water, grilled, fried or slow-cooked. Sticky stews like the Kedjenou are cooked in a sealed pot over a slight fire or in a oven meanwhile other dishes need more powerful fire


Political instability and the election in 2015 could have an impact on the involvement of the decision makers in the cookstove sector.
Also, to carry out the study, the team will have to assess a context in which there is a wide variety of cultures and to propose solutions that match all the end users’ needs could be very challenging

About the study, the field information and research will examine all of the types of fuels and cooking devices sold within the study area; each fuel’s and associated cooking devices’ energy delivery model, their qualities, quantities and standards, prices, obstacles in supply and end user purchasing behaviours.

Finally, the report will include the history and evolution of cooking devices, as well as fuel supply and consumption, to highlight current trends and obstacles existing within the market and barriers to entry.