There are an increasing number of project holders taking a market based approach to improved cookstove dissemination, focusing on enterprise development in order to stimulate market development. However, taking this approach requires strong business skills, management capabilities and appropriate marketing tools.

What is business development?

It’s the process of developing and implementing growth opportunities. It includes a number of tasks and steps such as analyzing the target market, developing a business plan and defining the marketing mix.

The Impacts

This package helps project developers acquire the skills and tools needed to develop and manage their own business, and sell their product in the market.

Our goal is to help project holders and entrepreneurs disseminate improved cookstoves through a profitable and sustainable market-based approach.

The Objectives

  • The viability of a market-based approach is assessed
  • Project developers have the tools and skills needed to manage a business
  • Project developers can effectively market, promote and sell their cookstoves

The Activities

  • Conduct market research
  • Develop business strategies and tools
  • Develop marketing and promotion strategies
  • Train project leaders on management best practices
  • Strategic advising