More research is needed within the clean cooking energy sector from scientific studies on the impacts and benefits to the analysis of business and intervention models.  Increasing knowledge through research helps stakeholders keep up-to-date on the latest trends and technological advances, and learn from the successes and failures experienced on the field.

It also contributes to more informed decision making, improved policy development and the promotion of evidence-based solutions.

What is advocacy?

It’s the act of publicly supporting or recommending a cause or policy. Keeping the sector informed on best approaches and solutions leads to more effective implementation of projects and creation of tangible benefits for end users.

The Impacts

This package helps project developers conduct scientifically sound and independent studies on improved cookstoves and fuels. In addition, it helps developers share their lessons learned and advocate their cause.

Our goal is to increase knowledge within the sector and promote innovative, evidence-based solutions.

The Objectives

  • Research is conducted using relevant and sound methodologies and analysis techniques
  • Research and lessons learned are shared among sector stakeholders
  • Evidence-based solutions are promoted throughout the sector

The Activities

  • Conduct research and analysis
  • Train teams on appropriate research methods
  • Provide advice and expertise on research projects
  • Advocate for organizations and individuals at the national and international level