Developing an improved cookstove model that fits the local context, considers existing technologies and meets the needs of the end user is vital for successful dissemination and adoption. In addition, having the technological knowhow and testing capacities to verify the performance of the stove model is essential for delivering a cooking solution that is efficient, clean and safe to use.

What is stove performance testing?

What is R&D?

Performance testing is a series of standardized tests that measure and compare various aspects of a stove, such as energy efficiency, emissions, indoor pollution and safety.  These tests are essential for achieving high quality stove performance both in the laboratory and on the field.

R&D is the process of developing new models and products. It goes hand in hand with testing to develop innovative solutions that perform at optimal levels in their local settings.

The Impacts

This package helps project developers improve their stove and fuel testing procedures, tools and skills, and design high performing stoves.

To support project developers in enhancing their stove testing and design capacities.

The Objectives

  • Appropriate procedures and methods are used to test stoves and fuels
  • Stoves are high performing in terms of their efficiency, durability and safety
  • Stove design considers local materials and technologies
  • Stove design helps achieve project goals and targets

The Activities

  • Conduct performance tests on stoves and fuels
  • Lead research and development on improved cookstoves
  • Develop stove testing protocols and tools
  • Train local teams on stove design, prototyping and testing